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Sex is.. well its the best feeling in the world, okay I lied, its the best feeling in the universe; but that is no reason for you to just go have it with whoever just because you want to experience it. It is supposed to be a magical experience for both the male & female.. or the participants in the activity. You’re not losing any cool points if you don’t have sex and its sad that people get teased over it.

When you are sexually active make sure you use protection, I know you may have heard this before and you think I’m corny for talking about it, but fuck that.. nobody is that damn cool to have sex without a condom. It’s not smart, there have been many accidental pregnancies and hundreds of thousands of abortions, babies killed all because some ass hole didn’t want to wear a condom. Just think, what if you were one of those babies.. actually you couldn’t think, your ass would be dead! So many lives lost over something as little as a condom. There are also thousands of sexually transmitted diseases out there, so if you think you’re cool for having sex without a condom then you will be cool with genital herpies.

So if you in the mood, and you trying to bust a move, don’t be silly wrap your Willy, no glove no love, in other words… Wrap it up… Or die!

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